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JungleWP® is a WordPress hosting that saves you countless hours of website maintenance with ongoing site care.

Deploy your websites INSTANTLY

Scale your websites EFFORTLESSLY

Pro-active support team who want you to SUCCEED

An all-in-one user FRIENDLY WordPress solution

Team Collaboration

and Video Conference.

JungleWP® is also a technology provider, we empower our clients with solutions that connect teams, infopreneurs, and technology experts around the World.

Collaboration across the globe INSTANTLY

Connect remote teams EFFORTLESSLY

Designed for teams who want to SUCCEED

An all-in-one user FRIENDLY Team Collaboration solution

How to contact the Support ?

Step 1. Panning & Strategy

We are one click away from our live chat and contact beacon, let's start a conversation so that we can help you!

Step 2. Design & Program

You can always check our Global Services status here.

Step 3. Release & Promotion

Please always remember to take a screenshot when stumbling upon technical difficulties.

What's new?

Tribes is designed for teams

who connect the world

Create experts or clients communities. Publish and watch live video streams in real-time. Tribes provides the ideal platform for your team or business needs.

Unlimited, Fast & Easy,

Video Conferencing

Meet is a fully encrypted, video conferencing solution that keeps the focus on delighting your customers faster.

We constantly bridge the gap between

Business owners and Digital experts 

JungleWP is a Premium WordPress Hosting and Technology service provider that serves over 185 cities world wide.

Franck K.

Co-Founder | JungleWP Limited

Supporting Global Tribes To Thrive 

If your ideas can change people’s lives, we want to help you with our highly valued solutions to inspire communities to thrive, and invest in an a positive and better future.

Pedro P.

Co-Founder | JungleWP Limited